Welcome to a new YOU!

Ever seen a woman with such a pretty face yet with a very lousy sense of style?  Similarly, have you seen a woman whose face looks quite ordinary at first glance yet something about her makes you want to take a second look…and a third…and as you keep staring, you find her more and more beautiful, you can’t seem to tell exactly what it is about her that makes her so attractive?  That’s because glamour isn’t just about the physical or aesthetic attributes of a woman, nor is it about having the right pair of shoes or handbag.  It’s about the attitude, the personality, the fashion sense, the glow of the skin, the walk, the talk…even the spiritual calm…all rolled into one!  Those words may sound so overwhelming, but it’s really not difficult to achieve.

Get Glamorous Now aims to provide some guidance.  Get Glamorous Now will feature helpful and informative blogs for the woman who wants to realize her full potential but probably does not know where or how to start.

“There’s no such thing as an ugly woman.  There are only those who have not realized their full potential.” – Caroline Cox, “How To Be Adored

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