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We’ve all heard that line a thousand times.  Most people agree with it.  Lots of people want to achieve it.  But how is it really done?  How does one become beautiful not only on the outside but also from the inside?  What does being “beautiful inside and out” truly mean?

Simply put, whatever your concept is of right and wrong, put that into practice and that will serve as the foundation of your inner beauty!  However, not  every one of us grew up in the right environment therefore we differ in our understanding of what is considered morally, ethically and socially right or wrong behaviors.  So we’ll give you some rules of thumb that could serve as your guide in your journey towards discovering and nurturing your inner beauty, until it radiates from the inside out.  One thing we’re gonna try not to be in this blog post is to be “preachy”.  The last thing on our mind is to sound like Dr. Phil.  So we’ll do our best to simplify the whole point:

  • Treat Others As You Would Have Them Treat You! – We know that many people tend to exaggerate this.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that just because you decided to treat yourself to a spa, that it means you’re gonna have to treat five of your friends to the spa as well.  Come on! Although that really would be nice, not every one can afford to do that! This pertains more to the words “RESPECT” and “COMPASSION”.  Have a genuine respect for other people–respect their privacy, respect their property or belongings, respect their opinions, respect their feelings–just as you would like your privacy, your property, your opinions and your feelings respected.  Compassion on the other hand is the absence of selfishness.  When you start thinking more about another person’s well being than your own, that’s compassion.   Begin caring for others the way you would hope to be cared for.  It’s as simple as that!
  • Learn How To Zip It! – If you’ve got nothing good to say about a particular person, then don’t say a word.  Being glamorous is also synonymous to “good breeding” so you shouldn’t be caught gossiping ’cause gossiping ain’t glamorous nor classy at all!
  • Learn How To Say “Sorry” – Admitting that you’re wrong when you know you’re wrong and sincerely apologizing for it is a highly admirable quality because it shows humility, and humility is one of the strongest foundation of inner beauty.
  • Watch What’s Coming Out Of Your Mouth In Public – We’re not suggesting that you pretend to be somebody you’re not, or to suppress your emotions, but wisdom is also the beginning of beauty.   Here are some things you should never talk about in public especially where other people can hear you: your sexual activities, dirty jokes, things or people that are driving you insanely angry, other people’s flaws, handicap or disabilities (unless you’re talking about your desires to help or reach out to them), financial crisis or bankruptcy, your husband’s or boyfriend’s affair, your own (extra marital) affair!
  • Have A Genuine Appreciation For Your Life, No Matter What You’re Going Through – We know this is probably easier said than done but if you really wanna develop that inner beauty, this must be done!  Begin by analyzing what it is about your life that makes you feel dissatisfied about it.  It will help if you list them all down.  Next to that list, begin listing down the things you are grateful for, and next to that, the things that you are still hopeful about.  This must be followed by a choice to focus on the good things you do have and that “hope” that something better is yet to come (and WILL SURELY come!), rather than the “disappointments of the present”.  Once you start believing that each day brings you closer to the things you hope for, you will have more zest about your life, you will always face each day with a HUGE SMILE on your face, and people will begin to notice that glow about you, and that glow will light up your entire being and aura!

So there you go! This will surely be the start of your journey to becoming a better you so go and Get Glamorous Now!



Wardrobe Must-Haves: Back To Basics

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Fashion

A common dilemma among many women is the issue of wardrobe.  If you are one of those extremely blessed to have closets-full of clothes, you are most likely already familiar with what we call “the basics” of building your wardrobe.  However, if you are just now trying to build your wardrobe, or are in the process of re-thinking your wardrobe, you might just find this tip very helpful.

Let’s start with the Wardrobe Must-Haves:

1. A Good Pair of Jeans

Whether low-waisted or high-waisted, invest in a really good-fitting pair of denims.  There is no rule as to whether you should go for the branded one or not, so long as you feel comfortable in it and it looks good on you, most especially around the thighs and on the behind!  They go well with almost any kind of top.

2. Khaki Pants

It’s important to choose the right fabric, shade and cut when it comes to khaki pants.  They go best with white, black, brown and red tops.

3. White Pants

White pants also go well with almost any type of tops.  Just like the khaki pants, keep in mind the type of material or fabric, and also the cut, when choosing your pair of white pants.

4. A Pair of Black Slacks/Dress Pants

Next to the denims, the black slacks is the most versatile pair of pants you’ll ever own.  You can use them for your office/professional ensemble, for a dinner date, or for cocktail parties.  The possibilities are endless.

5. Plain White Tee

If you’re just building your wardrobe now, we advise that you get the plain white tee (no prints) because even if you end up wearing it everyday, nobody will be able to tell that it’s the same white tee you’ve been wearing.  Now, once you have all the basics down, then you can gradually add more pieces to your wardrobe, including printed tees.

6. Long-sleeved Button Down Shirt

This is one of our favorites among the basic must-haves.  You may choose to get it in white or in black, it really doesn’t matter since both colors go well with whatever type of pants.  However, they are best worn tucked-in with your pair of denims and a fashionable black or brown leather belt.

7. Turtle Neck Top

Some would probably not include this in their list of “basic must-haves” but we do.  A turtleneck top, whether black or white, epitomizes elegance without going way too formal.  It is also best worn tucked-in with your pants of choice–denim, khakis, or your black slacks–and a chic belt.

8. Little Black Dress

Last but not the least on our list of “Basic Wardrobe Must-Haves” is the famous “little black dress”.   When shopping for your LBD, choose one that looks very versatile, which means something that you can see yourself wearing to a variety of events, such as a dinner date, a girls’ night out, an event at the office, cocktail parties, and even to church.  That is why the LBD made it to our list of “Basic Wardrobe Must-Haves”.  Don’t be misled into thinking that the LBD has to literally be “little”.  Depending on your personal fashion taste and style, there are different variations of the LBD in stores that will surely meet your specific preferences.